Countertops, along with cabinetry, is an area we specialize in. We offer countertops in various materials along with our cabinetry projects, or simply as a countertop replacement. Either way we will assist you in selecting the best material for your needs.



A natural material, beautiful and varying in pattern, color and price; granite is an excellent choice for it's durability characteristics. Scratch, stain and heat resistant make granite ideal for the kitchen, bath or bar. Previously granite required a sealer applied once or twice a year to maintain it's stain resistance. Now a permanent sealer is offered to eliminate this area of concern for some buyers.  On select stones, there are different finishes from polished to leathered or antiqued that are now available.

For more information about our permanent sealer please inquire with our designer.



Similar to granite with it's durability, quartz is a man-made material using quartz and resin. There are numerous manufacturers that offer different colors and patterns, all with the same material properties, however. As mentioned above, quartz is scratch, stain and mostly heat resistant. In extreme heat, quartz may discolor- therefore it is not recommended for a fireplace application.



Like granite, marble is natural. It's unique look has made it quite desired in the design industry. Unlike granite or quartz, marble is not as durable. The density of marble is less than granite in it's composition, making it more susceptible to stains and scratches. Our permanent sealer can be applied to marble to eliminate stains, however etching can still occur.



 With a design trend to highlight materials of a more natural, raw nature wood is growing in it's popularity.  We offer a variety of wood tops that range in finishes. Finish options include a more natural, less water resistant quality. To a waterproof finish of the highest quality. Ideal for installation with sinks, this finish is that durable.




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